Friday, May 16, 2014

be a happy camper

As I was making my list of things our little camper (me) needs or wants I felt I would share with you.  I am so excited to hit the road on our weekend get-a-ways this year in our Scotty.  Now that the new curtains are made and I found a clothespin bag that I made that just happens to match I feel I am closer to being ready to go.  Although there are these few things I will pick up before our trip.

1 ~ A dish drainer!  I am an outside dish washing gal and I really don't mind but a dish drainer would be nice.  Preferably metal since I have to carry the dishes back to the camper.  We have a kitchen sink but haven't worked out the kinks in the camper water system.  Truthfully I've never camped when I didn't have to wash dishes outside unless we were camping with someone else.  Oddly enough I kind of like it.

2 ~ A small cutting board to live in the camper.  I took along a flexible one from the kitchen and would like something a bit sturdier to take along.  A nice avocado green or harvest gold would blend in with our eighties camper decor.

3 ~ I need a new folding lounge chair.  I bought one from Granny's friend Dorthy's yard sale and used it for two whole summers until I backed over it with the Arctic Cat... woops.  But I do miss Shaun pulling in the driveway after work to find me laid back with a cold one in my hand and a chicken on my lap... that is what the rich folks do isn't it?  Besides, one is supposed to put their feet up on vacation right?!

4 & 5 ~ OK thanks to Mary Jane Butters and her Glamping book, I found out that they make toilet seats for 5 gallon buckets AND bags to go in them that are basically like going to a port-a-potty.  Not that I enjoy doing that, but like I said about the water... it includes the toilet that's in the camper.  So it's off to the bath house for us which I really don't mind until it's the middle of the night.  THEN these two items would come in very handy (outside of sneaking behind a tree).  Although I could just pack in one of my many enamelware shit buckets with the lid.  May be awkward to squat on though and I probably wouldn't feel the same about using it to tote beer in

6 ~ And finally I feel an oscillating fan is in order.  Especially since we have no air conditioning which will probably change this summer or before the next time we go camping after this time because it will be much hotter.  When I think of hot campers and fans I think about Sissy in Urban Cowboy waking up in Wes Hightower's camper, in Texas, in the summer, with no shade trees, no a/c and a small room fan blowing her hair.  Bless her heart.  If she can do it, I can do it... just not right next to a parking lot outside Gilley's in Texas.  

HERE's where we took our Scotty camping for the first time last fall.  

And P.S. the Vista Sophisticate will be sporting a new set of tires this time AND a new horn!  Look out!!!

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