Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Finds

This past Friday, my sister Mary Evelyn (my yard sale partner in crime) and I decided to hit a few sales and actually didn't spend but a couple of hours on the road.  We probably visited a good handful of sales and here's the loot I wound up with.
It's funny that the stuff I bring home finds it's spot so quickly.  I already have seeds planted in the bucket, have washed and worn the smock, have the pillowcases on my bed, the glasses in my cabinet and have ran through both of the sprinklers!  Nothing makes me feel like a kid again than a quick trot through sprinkler water!

Sprinklers 2.00
Old First Aid Box 5.00
Silver Bowl 1.00
Watering Can 1.00
Vintage Smock .25
Tumblers with Caddy 3.00
Breakfast Glasses (old cheese jars) 4 for 1.00
Vintage Beautiful Pillowcases 2 for 1.00
Enamelware Bucket $4.00